The SMI Difference

At Stewart Morrison Insurance, our team endeavors to understand and embrace our shared values with all those that they come in contact with. 

Commitment to our core values guides our thoughts, our words, and our actions. These values challenge us to be better and to support the people we work with, as well as the people we serve.




Stewart Morrison Insurance is not owned or financed by an insurance company. We are independent, privately owned and we have worked very hard to earn the respect of our insuring partners, our industry, and our community. This means from the moment we set up your policy to the moment you have a claim, and everything that comes in between, we work in your best interest. We can arrange the best coverage at the right price, negotiate on your behalf and we're here when you need us most. 



Honesty may be the best policy, but it isn't always easy. We are committed to providing our best and the most honest advice when answering your questions. We will always tell you the truth and honour your relationship with SMI by fiercely protecting your privacy. 



We believe in action and lead by example. We support, sponsor, and initiate Diversity Programs in the communities that we work, live, and play in. We ask challenging questions about ourselves and our strategic partners about how we can make insurance more inclusive and how we can best represent the needs of all our clients.

We are committed to providing a welcoming, safe place for our staff and for our customers. We appreciate and welcome differences in ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, education, and religion. Stewart Morrison Insurance believes that each person must be valued, respected, and supported.



Our corporate community and the communities that we serve are the heart of our business. Giving back to those who support us in what we do.
It takes a village and we help to build them! It is where we work and play and we are very proud to be a part of something good.



We are committed to continuing to build a strong team at SMI, one where you can grow and learn the interesting side of insurance while having some fun as well. We support our SMI families in good times and in bad, providing benefits and a safe and secure place to work. Most importantly, we are
committed to equal opportunity for every individual. Above all, we value passion, hard work, lifelong learning, and excitement for new ideas that will help grow and shape our business for the future.


Buying insurance for some can seem easy. Insurance is not a DIY project, you truly need the advice of a professional.

There are lots of insurance brokerages offering to do their best, but at Stewart Morrison Insurance we do more than making promises, we actually walk the walk!

...a farmer first, he believed in hard work, long hours, and having a little fun.

Stewart Morrison was the founder of this companya farmer first, he believed in hard work, long hours, and having a little fun. He believed his customers deserved the best. He taught that to his daughter Marlene Morrison Nicholls, who joined him in the business in 1976.

Marlene has lead the company for the last 40 years, building on these values, bringing a small insurance agency to a large brokerage that now owns and operates several offices, with a staff that rises above the crowd in expertise and technical ability.

Her husband Ken Nicholls, is a partner in life and in the business. His expertise in Farm and Business insurance along with his IT knowledge keeps this brokerage cutting edge.

When it comes to insurance and services, Stewart Morrison Insurance is UNRIVALLED.

Your home, business, and all the things you have worked hard for the need to be protected. You do not want you to hear, “unfortunately there wasn’t enough insurance”. These are common headlines following fires or other claims. Not if you’re insured with SMI, the SMI team ensures you have the right insurance, at the right price.

Buying insurance at SMI is just the beginning of a truly personal relationship. Marlene and Ken make sure you are looked after not only when you purchase your insurance but more importantly if you need it. They answer the call after hours along with a great team of people. Advocacy is what we do best, Marlene has often said. If you need it insured we can insure it, if you have a claim and you are unhappy, we will fix it.

Stewart Morrison would be proud of the company Marlene and her team have built. If you want to experience something very different, ask us about your insurance. You won’t be disappointed.


Stewart Morrison started his career in insurance.


Stewart Morrison Insurance was established in Sunderland sharing an office with Ronald J. Swain, Barrister.


The Sunderland office opened full time.


Purchased full time office at River Street in Sunderland, next to the grocery store. Electronic typewriters were first utilized!


Woodville office opened in the old butcher shop on Main Street.


Marlene Morrison Nicholls officially joined Stewart Morrison Insurance.


The Lindsay office opened at 29 Cambridge Street with the first computer processor!


Insurance agents became self-regulated and became brokers.


Wayne Cockburn joined Stewart Morrison Insurance.


158 Lindsay Street South underwent major renovations lead by Ken Nicholls and became our head office.


Ken Nicholls joined the Stewart Morrison Insurance team.


Stewart Morrison Insurance became fully automated with the implementation of Agency Manager TAM-BMS.


Stewart the Bear became the official mascot of Stewart Morrison Insurance.


The Sunderland office moved locations to Highway 12 with the purchase of the Ross Doble property.


Stewart Morrison Insurance was the recipent of the prestigious Lindsay & District Chamber of Commerce Customer Service Award.


Stewart Morrison Insurance partners with Lindsay Fire Department to purchase a Sparky SMART Car, sharing safety with our community.


Stewart Morrison Insurance launched the THINK BLUE marketing campaign.


Marlene Morrison Nicholls wins the Lindsay & District Chamber of Commerce's Business Leader of the Year Award.


Emily Avery-Graves joins Stewart Morrison Insurance, carrying on the family tradition as Business Development Manager.


Wayne Cockburn departed Stewart Morrison Insurance.


The founder, Stewart Morrison passes.


Stewart Morrison Insurance opens a new satellite office in Bobcaygeon.


Stewart Morrison Insurance purchased Palmer Insurance in Fenelon Falls.


The head office in Lindsay was destroyed by a fire. The team never missed a call and were set up and fully operational in the Lindsay Square Mall in less than a week.


Stewart Morrison Insurance opens an office in Port Perry.


The office on Sunderland amalgamates with the Port Perry location.


Stewart Morrison Insurance celebrated the grand opening in Fenelon Falls. A brand new look and a bright future!


Stewart Morrison Insurance returns to the Lindsay office after the devistating fire.


Stewart Morrison Insurance received the Lindsay District Chamber of Commerce Marketing Excellence Award.


Stewart Morrison Insurance was the recipient of the Lindsay District Chamber of Commerce Design Excellence Award.


Marlene Morrison Nicholls won the Womens Resources Award for Extraordinary Women in Business.


Stewart Morrison Insurance celebrates inclusivity within the community.


Stewart Morrison Insurance won the Kawartha Lakes This Week Platinum Broker of the Year and the Diamond Brokerage of the Year.


Recognized as a KLTW Readers Choice Award recipient. 

Business That Gives Back to the Community
Life Insurance 

Family Business
Car Insurance 
Home Insurance


Steve Green recognized as the Platinum Insurance Agent/Broker in the Kawartha Lakes This Week People's Choice Awards.


Marlene Morrison Nicholls was recognized as one of the Most Inspiring Female Leaders in the Canadian Insurance Industry.