Stewart Morrison Insurance takes the worry out of purchasing the right insurance for your home and all of your assets.

When you work with a Stewart Morrison Insurance Broker, you will receive a personalized customer experience that provides you with professional advice and guidance to choose the right insurance package for you. 


Stewart Morrison Insurance provides customized home insurance coverages that fits your lifestyle. 


When considering your home insurance needs, it is important to understand the coverages that are available including:

  • Value of Your Home
  • Water Damage Protection
  • Scheduled Items
  • Personal Liability

We make sure you have the right insurance at the best price, including an assessment of the replacement cost for your home in the event of a claim.


As a condominium owner, you know all the benefits of living the condo life; however, there are also unique risks. Condo owners in Ontario require special condo insurance coverage to ensure that there is no gap between the condo corporation policy and your individual insurance policy.


A seasonal cottage, year-round second home, a log cabin, or even a cottage on an island, we can insure that. Cottage insurance coverages vary depending on the policy, but can include:

  • Your Cottage
  • Contents
  • Detached Buildings
  • Rental Income
  • Watercraft
  • Liability
Let us help take the worry out of living your best life.


Your landlord's insurance policy doesn’t cover you or your belongings. You need tenants insurance to protect your belongings from fire, theft, vandalism, and other events that could occur. Because you are renting, you could be personally liable for the damages you cause. A tenant package includes Personal Liability insurance and is more affordable than you might expect!


The custom Luxury Home Insurance policies offered by Stewart Morrison Insurance consider the unique features of custom, luxury, and heritage homes, closing the gap between a standard home policy and special assets you may have such as wine, art, and jewelry collections. A professional Replacement Cost appraisal will be completed, at no cost to establish proper limits on your high-value home. 

Be sure to ask about the discounts you are eligible for when bundling your home and auto.


Generally, a Home Insurance policy can be provided to you in one of three types.

The Basic Homeowners Policy provides limited coverage for your home, its contents, and Personal Liability for specified circumstances.

If you're looking to cover more than just the bare minimum, the Broad Homeowners Insurance policy may be for you! This policy provides  All Risk coverage for your home, Named Perils coverage for your contents, as well as, Personal Liability coverage.

The Comprehensive Homeowners Policy is the best coverage for your premium dollar. The policy provides  All Risk coverage with Replacement Cost for your home, contents and includes Personal Liability protection. It can be adjusted to include other assets that you may have.


Generally speaking, home insurance will provide you with coverage against the risk of potential loss from instances of theft, burglary, fire, storm damage, and personal liability. In addition, for those with specific risks, such as sewer backup,  flood, and high-value property including items like jewellry and fine arts, optional coverage may be purchased. Your home insurance policy coverage can be broken down into four key areas. 


Your House

Coverage for your dwelling/ building to repair or replace in the event of a loss or damage.

Personal Property

Personal Property is coverage for all contents in your home such as clothing, furniture, electronics, and appliances. Coverage can extend off-premises when you are traveling if you have a relative move to a retirement home or a student away at school.

Detached Buildings & Structures

Coverage includes your detached garage, pool house, garden shed, workshop, etc., any buildings that are separate from your home.

Additional Living Expenses

After a loss, sometimes your home can be deemed unlivable or you're denied access to your residence by police because of damage caused by an insured peril. In these situations, your home insurance policy provides coverage for expenses such as hotel stays or restaurant meals.


Personal liability will protect you against a lawsuit as a result of your personal actions.

Above the
Basic Home Insurance Coverage, there are many options available to enhance your insurance.

If you want complete coverage,  
ask your broker  about the following!
    Guaranteed Replacement

                     Identity Theft

                     Additional Personal Property

                     Water Damage / Sewer Backup
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