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Watercraft Insurance Basics

When considering your insurance needs, it is important to understand the types of coverage that are available. 

Whether you have a cottage on the lake spending your weekends riding the lakes with your jet ski's, you deserve the peace of mind to enjoy it all. We will help you with this.

Yoursurance: What you should protect for your watercraft


Provides coverage and protection when you are responsible for causing bodily injuring or property damage.

Replacement guarantee and agreed value

Your boat will be replaced with a brand new model in the event of a theft or a total loss. We also insure your watercraft for its true value. In the event of a loss, you will be paid the full amount of this agreed value, and not the actual cash value.

Personal Effects

Provides replacement cost coverage for your personal protective equipment in many events that could cause a loss, or damage to your personal items.

Expanded Navigation Territory

Coverage can be added to extend to the southern U.S., Caribbean and Bahamas.

Emergency Towing & Medical

Included in every policy at no charge, is marine rescue and tow if you find yourself stranded on the water.

Loss of Use & Living Expenses

If the loss or damage interrupts your trip, vacation or holiday this covers you for expenses incurred for accommodations, meals or alternate means of transportation such as taxis or public transportation. Additionally, this will cover you for a rental while your boat is out for repair.

Medical, Funeral and Death Benefit

If you are injured while on board, embarking or disembarking, you are covered for the cost of medical, surgical, ambulance, hospital and professional nursing services. Additionally, funeral expenses either for you or your passengers in the event of accident and death.

Physical Damage

Your watercraft and equipment will be covered in the event damage is caused by submerged objects, another vessel or while in transit.


Bundling your home, boat and auto, being a retiree, insuring more than one vehicle and maintaining a clean driving record can save you money.

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