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What’s Yoursurance?

Are you a volunteer firefighter, or a chamber member? You may be able to receive great discounts because you are apart of a group!

Switching is easier than you think, and the right insurance is really affordable

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Group Coverage & Perks

Many group plans have special offers which may not be available through other sources.
You can enjoy discounts with your home and auto insurance, and more!

It is better to be apart of a group!

What is group insurance?

Group coverage is insurance for through specific
groups or organizations. In Canada, it is usually purchased
through an insurance brokerage because they can
get much better rates than individuals or companies. This type
of insurance often includes auto and home insurance
and may also offer life insurance.

Who benefits from group coverage?

If your association or business is a part of a large
organization,  you may benefit by buying your
coverage through a specific broker. In fact, the
savings can be substantial.

Why group coverage?

As previously stated, you can often save a lot of
money with this insurance strategy. However, there
are many other benefits also. Take Bert in the example story.
People can save so much, they can afford to buy
additional coverage and increase their protection.
This can make the difference between
a satisfactory settlement and total financial disaster.

Yoursurance: What you should protect for your home, auto and more

You can save money on standard auto insurance

3rd party ability insurance



Uninsured motorists

You'll also enjoy extras like these on your policy

Accident forgiveness

Replacement rental car (while yours in the shop)

Emergency travel and medical insurance - for one low annual premium you can enjoy this insurance all year and if you travel a lot, it is a great deal.

Responsible driver guarantee - your rates won't go up if you have an accident and you have a good driving record.

Other perks

Home and auto combo policy - you can have both home and car insurance on one policy for additional savings and convenience.

Umbrella insurance

Novex free family and legal information services

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