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At Stewart Morrison Insurance, our clients are paired with a dedicated broker to help ensure that your experience, coverage, and confidence is the highest it can be.

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Mark Orlecki
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Ultimately, our goal is to make you SMILE

The experience of getting the right insurance should be a pleasant one.
There is no reason to be bogged down in trying to understand industry jargon and fine print.

Your dedicated broker will answer your real-world questions
with real-world answers and explain your coverage options using real-world situations.

When you use an SMIbroker, you're hiring a professional to handle the details and break things down so you can make an informed decision quickly... we know you're busy.

You + SMI = yoursurance

Real-world answers for
Real-world questions 

Getting insurance (of any kind) should be a big deal.
Insurance is complicated and you're too busy to learn it inside-and-out – so, if you go with a SMIbroker, your expectations should be that you're hiring a professional to make the process as simple as possible.

We can answer real questions about coverage with real answers.


Am I covered if someone slips on my sidewalk?

Yes (we'll make sure you have that coverage) - and, we'll show you lots of options for different levels of coverage.


Why should I care what insurer I have?

The strong partnerships that SMI has with their insurers, assist us in properly advocating on your behalf if there are discrepancies in the claims process and always negotiating for the best coverage possible for you.


Is using an SMIbroker better?

Yes. Don't buy your insurance without an SMIbroker's expertise. They will get you the best coverage, help you along the journey and in the end you have someone looking out for you when you need it.


Can I change my policy whenever I need to?

Yes. Most of the time it's not a big deal. We will handle everything, and will guide the processes fully.

Our pledge to you is to make sure that using a broker means something.
That's why we strive to make sure your SMIbroker is everything you need them to be.

My SMIbroker should... efficient

My SMIbroker is better at the utilization of technology to streamline processes, so I am able to communicate electronically, if needed. Whenever I need an answer, my broker's years of experience will limit searching time to provide me with the best answer, every time.

...respect my time

My SMIbroker understands emergencies don't always fall within the 9-5. There will always be a point of contact available to me even after hours, as I will have access to cell phone numbers to call when I need it.

...include me in the process

My SMIbroker is dedicated to including me in every step of the process, through steady communication. My broker will never make changes without notifying me of every detail. I will also receive notifications about any industry changes that may affect my coverage or premiums.

Mark Orlecki proactive

My SMIbroker will anticipate my needs and communicate this with me in the most effective manner. My broker will attempt to have a continuous flow of contact to make sure there is never a lapse in what I need in the way of coverage (explained in further answers). communicative

My SMIbroker embraces every modern form of communication to make sure that whichever way I prefer to speak to them, they can use it.

...make the process as easy as possible

My SMIbroker will always go above and beyond from providing multiple ways to communicate, to hand-delivering paperwork if I'm unable to come to the office. My broker will always come prepared with solutions and suggestions, and never problems.

Mark Orlecki

My name is Mark Orlecki and I am your dedicated SMIbroker.

My name is Mark Orlecki and I am your dedicated SMIbroker.

My Phone Number: 705-324-6681

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