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Your home is the centre of your life — the place where memories are made, treasures are lovingly displayed and comfort surrounds you. At Stewart Morrison Insurance, it’s our pleasure to provide insurance coverage for your home and all the special things in it.

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Your peace of mind is our top priority. We build made-for-you home insurance solutions so you get the right policy at the right price — and you'll have the comfort of knowing we’re only a phone call away when you need our help.

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You can rest assured Stewart Morrison Insurance will be there when you need us most. Our expert brokers will guide you through every step, from talking through your coverage options and needs to helping you make a claim.

Jennifer at Stewart Morrison in Fenelon Falls was so quick and helpful when we were looking for insurance for building our first home. We would highly recommend her for your insurance needs.

Mark, Ontario

You’ve stolen the show and are so efficient with your service—you’ve put my mind at ease for a new homeowner. Thank you so much!

Ron, Markham

Why Choose Stewart Morrison Insurance?

We Provide Guidance

We provide genuine care, expertise and personalized service you can count on. You deserve to feel you can trust your insurance broker to do the best for you. We listen, ask questions and understand, taking the worry out of purchasing insurance. You will have a dedicated person to talk with, and they will deliver the right solutions for your family or your business.

We Deliver Value

Once we understand your needs, we will negotiate the right coverage and competitive premiums with the insurance provider most suited to you. Your premium dollars should be used to the best advantage, and we do that for you.

We Advocate for You

Insurance is complex and different for everyone, and that’s why it needs a human touch. We’ll guide you through purchasing your insurance and assist in the claims process. We have strong relationships with our insurance partners, who respect what we do, and because we have the right coverage in place for you from the beginning, we can and will advocate for you. Our commitment is to be there when you need us, always.

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Home Insurance Made for You

Our team is here to guide you through understanding your insurance needs and all the options available, so the home you love and everything in it are fully covered — from the stand mixer in your kitchen to the family ring your grandmother left to you. Here are some key home insurance coverages to think about.

  • Building or Dwelling

    This covers the cost to repair or replace your home if it’s damaged or destroyed.

  • Personal Property or Contents

    If your personal items are damaged, destroyed or stolen, this covers the cost to repair or replace them. Some policies also cover the personal property of household members when they’re living away from home — for example, a child who’s away at university.

  • Detached Buildings

    If you have a detached garage, poolhouse, shed or other building on your property, you’ll need detached buildings coverage to insure it.

  • Personal Liability

    Protect your assets from anything you might be personally liable for, such as if a visitor is injured after slipping on a patch of ice on your driveway.

  • Living Expenses

    If you have to move out of your home during repairs related to an insurance claim, this covers the cost of housing, meals and other expenses.

  • High-Value Items

    Jewellery, fine art, furs, musical instruments, boats, RVs and other high-value items can be subject to special limits and typically require additional coverage. These items should be listed on your policy in a schedule.

  • Water Damage Coverages

    Water damage is the leading cause of damage and destruction in homes. Water Protection covers the cost for repairs and replacement of property if you have a water leak or a sewage backup. Overland Water covers repairs or replacement of property if heavy rainfall or overflowing lakes, rivers or other bodies of water flood your home. And Service Line Coverage will repair underground water and sewage pipes (as well as electrical service lines) that are accidentally broken.

  • Improvements & Betterments

    This insurance option for condo owners covers the increased cost of using upgraded materials when repairs are made as part of an insurance claim — if the upgrade increases the property value of the unit.

“It’s your home and the hub of your life. Let us customize a policy for you that will keep your home and the treasures inside it safe from the unexpected. Just a phone call away, our expert brokers will be there to support you when you need us the most.”

Marlene Morrison Nicholls
President & CEO

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