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An Ontario Umbrella Liability Insurance policy provides you with extra protection against certain lawsuits.

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Umbrella Liability Insurance Basics


When considering your personal insurance needs, it is important to understand the types of coverages that are available.

Let say you get into an auto accident, someone falls into your pool - whatever the occurrence it is a possibility that you could be sued.
What if you are sued and the award goes to the plaintiff? You have insurance that will cover it. But what if the amount is over the policy limits?
You'll need the protection that will top up after other policy limits are exhausted.
This is called Umbrella Liability Insurance.


Yoursurance: why and when would I need umbrella liability insurance?

If you own a home, recreational property, or rental property.
If you own a automobile, boat, recreational vehicle.
If you are active in your community.
If you volunteer as a director of a non-profit organization.

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