Towing & Recovery Insurance

What’s Yoursurance for your towing and recovery business?

If you operate a towing company without property towing and recovering insurance, you may be carrying a lot of unnecessary risk.

Switching is easier than you think, and the right insurance is really affordable

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Towing & Recovering insurance Basics

When considering your business insurance needs, it is important to understand the types of coverages that are available.

The best form of this insurance takes into account the three distinct areas of liability that you have.
Your liability in towing and recovery comes from the vehicles you drive, the cargo you tow and the property you garage.
Each poses risks that you can protect against using towing insurance and recovering insurance in Ontario.

Yoursurance: protect for your towing and recovery business

You may be worried about the costs associated with
coverage but don't be. The peace of mind that comes from full protection will be well worth the very
reasonable premiums you'll pay.

You may think that you are covered through your general business
insurance or vehicle policy. Both on-hook and garage liability have special considerations that are protected
with towing and recovering insurance.

Ontario Towing insurance and recovering insurance
is available to any business owner that operates a
towing company. The best insurance will cover
the vehicle liability, on-hook cargo liability
and garage liability.

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