Tips for safely closing your cottage or trailer

Tips for safely closing your cottage

It would seem as thought summer 2019 barely arrived, and now with this late summer heat wave it is hard to believe that it is actually Autumn! But with the arrival of our fall colours, we all know that the first snowfall is not that far off – and with that, it is time to close up our summer getaways for another year.

The top two cottage and RV/trailer insurance claims are due to damage caused by water and wind during the winter, or early spring. It is a good idea to take these few extra precautions that may just end up saving you both money and grief next year.

Closing your cottage or RV/Trailer:

  1. Inspect your roof, and clean out your eaves troughs. Water damage from leaks make up the majority of water-damage claims
  2. Shut off and drain your plumbing. Water left in pipes can freeze and burst in the cold winter temperatures
  3. Trim overhanging and dead branches. Heavy snowfalls can cause branches to snap, damaging your cottage or RV
  4. Pack up all food and defrost the refrigerator, leaving the door ajar to prevent mold and mildew from growing
  5. Remove all fire hazards from both inside and outside your property. Turn off and unplug all appliances. Also, toss or take away any loose papers, newspapers, old rags and chemicals left hanging around
  6. Have one last walk through to check everything one last time. Lock up, say goodbye and feel at ease.

If this winter goes by as fast as this summer has, you’ll be back enjoying your cottage, damage free, before you know it.