What You Need To Know Before You Rent Out Your RV

Renting out your RV?

Have you thought about renting out your RV on an RV-share site? You are not alone – it’s the hottest trend in the “home-share/ride-share” market. However, it is just as important to make sure you are properly insured; and it might surprise you to know that your standard RV insurance policy doesn’t usually cover commercial or for-profit use. With an easy call to our team here at Stewart Morrison Insurance, we can ensure that you, your trailer and its contents are covered should an unfortunate event take place.

Why it’s important to go through a proper RV Sharing company:

  1. They will vet your potential renters, making sure you are handing over your RV to a fully licensed driver with a clear driving history. No one wants a loss to happen, but working with a company that will check your renters before they hit the open road, allows you to be covered for whatever may happen while your RV is out of your care.
  2. The insurance policy you have on your RV works with the coverage extended to you through the RV Sharing company. For example: outdoorsy.com provides actual cash value should a full loss occur, however if your current RV policy covers you for replacement cost – that will be honoured, or your policy will pay the difference. But not if you’ve rented your RV independent of an RV Sharing company.

On top of these important reasons, RV Share coverage includes $2 million third party liability and comprehensive & collision insurance. Everything you need to make sure your investment in your RV is protected, and that your renters find the adventure they are looking for.

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