Planning a Party? Read This and Call Us!

Planning a Party?

We are in the throes of event season here in the Kawartha’s. Our scenic landscape provides the perfect backdrop for weddings, cottage parties, concerts, family reunions and barnyard shindigs. And part of your planning process should include a quick chat with your insurance broker (or us!) as there are a myriad of insurance options available to the Host of the event.

Special Events Liability

This policy will cover you in the event damages to the property occur, or heaven forbid, bodily injury results from your event. This type of policy will also cover you for some medical payments, non-owned auto, food and beverage product coverage, and this policy will cover your employees (or volunteers) as additional insured.

Party Alcohol Liability

This policy provides protection should a lawsuit be brought against an individual, organization or company who hosts single, or multi day functions where alcohol is served. Coverage on a Party Alcohol Liability policy also includes Commercial, Host Liquor and Tenant’s Liability insurance, as well as non-owned auto.

Wedding Insurance Packages

These packages are the creme de la creme of event insurance. This policy includes aspect of both the Special Events Liability and Party Alcohol Liability insurance, and so much more. Depending on the level of coverage you choose, you could have everything from your dress (or suit) to your honeymoon covered! With this package, you can literally have your cake and insure you eat it too.