SMI Opening The Doors to Phase 3

SMI Opening The Doors to Phase 3

Our offices will be open to the public on Monday July 27, 2020 with the following guidelines in place.

Since the day we closed our doors in March we, and every other business, have wondered what business would look like on the day we reopened.  In that moment, we were optimistic. We hoped it would just be two weeks of heavy restrictions and that we’d abolish the spread of the virus with no further complications.  Months have passed and we’ve learned a lot.  As we embrace Stage 3, Stewart Morrison Insurance now has clear understanding of what reopening means  and we are excited to share that with you today.

Please know that this has been a learning experience for all of us.  Here at Stewart Morrison Insurance, we have endeavoured to learn from medical experts both with in our community and province.  It is our intention to follow the guidelines provided and  adapt as they continue to develop.  We hope you will be our partners in this process and continue to learn with us.

What to Expect when you Visit SMI In Person

We’ll Have Questions
We are implementing a set of screening questions similar to those you are starting to hear when you visit other businesses. Questions like “Have you had a fever or cough?” “Have you travelled outside of Canada in the last two weeks?” or “Have you been in contact with anyone who has symptoms of COVID19?”
We’re all getting used to these questions and it’s easy to breeze through them with the “correct”, low risk answers.  We ask you to consider the questions and be mindful of any changes that may be happening for you from day to day in how you and those around you are. Let the questions be not a nuisance but a reminder to be mindful of any developing risks and assist to stop the spread at the first sign of potential risk.
We’ll Ask you to Wear a Mask
In all regions where our offices are located, the health unit has issued directives for masks to be worn while inside.  We will ask you to wear a mask when you visit us.  While interacting with customers directly we will also be wearing masks in the hopes that we can protect each other. 
We Have Modified Our Workspaces 
We have added glass shields to each of our desks to create a further barrier to any potential transmission of germs without impeding our ability to see each other and enjoy the benefits of a face to face interaction.
We’re Focused on You
We’ll be limiting the number of clients in our office at any given moment.  Don’t worry, you’ll see lots of signage and floor or ground stickers to provide guidance on where to stand and what to do as you move through our spaces.  We’re here to support you and are happy to welcome a limited number of clients at a time.  All this means if that we’re extra focused on providing you excellent service and on a busy day you may need to wait a few extra minutes to come in and speak with us.
We’re All Business
We have removed our waiting areas to limit the spaces in our office which are shared in any way between clients.  We want you to have the safest experience possible and leave with total peace of mind.  In order to achieve this, we may have to ask you to let us know when you’ll be coming in or to wait outside while we prepare and ensure your SMI Broker is available.
No Washrooms Available 
Further to our effort to reduce shared spaces and make sure the risks of visiting our office are as limited as possible we are unable to provide public washrooms at this time. 
There’s More Than One Way to Reach Us
We know that this is a lot of change, and for some, visiting our office may seem like a very stressful experience.  Everything from grocery shopping to the doctor’s office has new protocols and we’re doing even the simple things with more thought than before.  It can all be a little overwhelming. 
We continue to serve by phone and email to ensure that you can reach us and discuss your insurance in the way that is most comfortable for you.  We want you to know that we can send paperwork by letter mail as well as by email when signatures are needed and can receive payments in a variety of online and phone methods, as well as our drop boxes which can be used to deliver paperwork or payments to us. 
We even have the equipment available to speak to you by video call when you crave a face to face interaction without the need to leave your home! 
If you want to talk, we’re just a phone call away! 

Let’s Stay Connected!