Microblading, Eyelash Extension & Permanent Makeup

We pride ourselves on being on-top of all the hottest trends in the business: dronescyber security, and even the newest in beauty. The uptake of microblading, eyelash extensions, and permanent makeup is nothing short of astounding! And with the increase of demand, we have seen a huge increase in those willing to supply.

Home Based Beauty businesses

Are popping up everywhere, some are legitimate, and unfortunately some are not. If you have thought about changing your career, or starting a side business in beauty services from your home, you need to speak with your broker, or us here at Stewart Morrison Insurance. Your home insurance will not cover you for commercial purposes, but fear not, this specialized coverage is completely affordable. When you are dealing [intimately] with peoples eyes, and permanent facial transformations; proper liability coverage is a must.

Own a Salon or Spa?

And are looking to add these highly desirable services to your offerings, the same specialty coverage is required – in addition to your current policy. It may actually be a good idea to have your broker review your coverages if it has been a while. Exposure to new risks could be detrimental to your business.

We can help you find the right coverage, at the right cost for you and your operation. We are here for you!