Insuring Your Trailer, RV or Motorhome

Trailer Insurance

Just like any other vehicle or home, you need insurance on your RV to protect you and your belongings. However, there is a distinct difference between most insurance policies and RV insurance because there are so many different uses. Depending on the usage and location of your RV, making sure the coverage fits your needs is paramount. An auto policy can be extended to your RV, but coverage is very limited.

Features to look for when buying a RV insurance policy:

Liability insurance.

You require liability insurance while out on the open road, and also if your RV is parked.

Guaranteed replacement cost.

Make sure your policy offers the option to cover the cost of a brand-new model (even if it is more than what you bought it for).

Contents coverage.

You can find policies (we know because we have them) that offer more than the standard industry coverage; such as items normally kept at your campsite, decks and sheds.

Emergency vacation expenses.

If while on a road trip you run into trouble, this coverage will help cover you to get back home, or get back on the road.

Pet injury coverage.

Should your beloved pet get injured out on the open road, this coverage can help you with unexpected vet bills.

Free emergency roadside service.

This is an important feature as larger (more expensive) tow trucks are often required if you get stuck on the side of the road. Also, this coverage covers flat tires, fuel delivery and lockout service.


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