Fire Safety Tips for Creating a Safe Holiday Season

We met with Karl Gleason, Fire Prevention Inspector with the City of Kawartha Lakes, to learn how to keep safe over the holiday season. We learned some pretty interesting and important facts! Here are his 6 top safety tips:

1. Never go to bed without working smoke alarms. Check your smoke alarms at least once a month, even if they are hardwired into your house. Also make sure to change the batteries 2x a year, when the time comes to change our clocks.

85% of fatal fires happen in the residential home, 35% of those did not have a working smoke alarm at the time of ignition.

2. The deep fried turkey fad is delicious, but make sure to completely thaw the turkey first, and take precautions when cooking with an open flame. Make sure the location is clear, and take the cooking out of the garage where many flammable materials reside.

3. Think about making the change to flameless candles. They have improved in look and do not cause a risk of fire should you forget to blow them out/turn them off.

4. Prevent your real Christmas Tree from drying out; make sure to water it at least once a day. Dry trees are more likely to catch fire.

If a real Christmas Tree were to catch fire, the room would be untenable (unlivable) in under ONE minute, making an exit through this room almost impossible. Have an alternate exit strategy ready.

5. Never use old Christmas lights, make sure they are CSA approved. It is worth the money to upgrade for safety.

6. Remember to turn off all lights before heading to bed. Ideally, only have lights on when you are in the room.

Here at Stewart Morrison Insurance we do not want you to have a devastating claim anytime of the year, but certainly not over the holidays.

Have a safe and happy holiday season from our family, to yours.