Do I Need Farm Insurance?

5 questions to ask yourself if you think you need farm insurance

From large commercial operations, to small hobby farms, we understand that every farm is unique and therefore your coverage should be too. Even if you do not use your farm to generate income, you may have found yourself wondering “do I need farm insurance?” If you answer “yes” to even one of these questions, there is a very good chance that you will need to purchase a policy that fits your farm’s needs:

1. Do you grow and sell any crops?

Growing and selling any fruits, vegetables, grains or other cash crops will require you to have a commercial farm policy in place. However, even if you sell your products at local farmers markets or road side stands, it is important to have coverage in place should someone become ill from your product.

2. Do you have any farm animals on your property?

Livestock such as cattle, poultry, alpaca, sheep, swine, horses, etc., can only be protected under a farm policy.

3. Do you have any outbuildings or barns on your property?

If you own acreage, you will probably have a barn, riding arena, or other outbuilding on your land. Often these buildings are used to store crops, animals, or farm machinery – in the event that something were to damage your outbuilding, and its contents, you will only find protection under a farm insurance policy.

4. Do you own farm machinery?

Tractors, plows, combines and other self-propelled equipment are expensive tools that are often required in daily farming life. A commercial farm policy would cover cost of repairs to damage that could result while in operation. In addition, if you ever take your tractor out on the open road, even if just to cross the street, a farm policy would cover you in the event of an accident.

5. Do you rent your land to a farmer?

While you may not conduct any farming operations on your land, you may rent it to someone who does. Your land is still your responsibility, and you will need to protect yourself with farm liability coverage.

We are farm specialists and can help you find the right policy, and protection for your needs. If you have questions, we have answers; contact us and let’s talk about your insurance.