Office Restrictions for COVID-19

Office Restrictions for COVID-19

The following is an important message regarding the COVID-19 virus, as it pertains to our office protocols and the current information available as of today:

Our team is dedicated to safety during this time. We are continually cleaning the surfaces of the office with disinfecting wipes and have provided alcohol hand sanitizer throughout the office.  

The safety of our staff and clients is of the upmost importance and limiting traffic in our offices will assist with this.  For that reason we are practicing Social Distancing protocols and therefore ask that our customers only attend our offices if it is absolutely necessary.  Please use email , phone or fax to make changes to your policies.   

Toll Free:  800-811-5841   
Fax:  705-324-7776

If you are looking for advice / next steps if you’re feeling unwell, or aren’t sure about any symptoms you have, we recommend calling Telehealth 1-866-797-000 or Public Health at or 1-866-888-4577. There is a drive through screening station at RMH if you are concerned or have symptoms of the virus.

We will miss seeing our loyal customers, but we all need to do our part to try to get this pandemic under control as quickly as possible.  As for our office procedures, you can be assured that we are taking appropriate and extra cautious measures to help protect everyone’s health.  Stay safe and healthy.


Marlene Morrison Nicholls, President