8 Tips To Help You Avoid Large Animal Collisions

Here in the Ontario we know it is not unusual to see a deer darting across the road all times of day. Did you know that every year in Canada there are over 45,000 collisions involving large animals? That staggering statistic can be brought down with some avoidance techniques.

Here are some helpful tips on avoiding an encounter with wildlife while driving:

1. Pay attention to posted wildlife signs. These signs have been placed in areas where wildlife is commonly spotted

2. Slow down at night when visibility is diminished. Be especially cautious at dawn and dusk and during the fall and spring seasons

3. If you see an animal, be on the lookout for more nearby as they rarely travel alone

4. If an animal has crossed the road without incident, be ready should they turn around. It’s not uncommon for an animal to be spooked from passing vehicles and attempt to return from where they came

5. If an animal appears on the road ahead, do your best to slow down and stop if necessary. Turn on your hazards as an alert to other drivers

6. In general, avoid swerving as this can lead to loss of control and an even more serious collision with other vehicles on the road putting other drivers at risk as well

7. If a crash is inevitable, try for glancing blow to the rear of the animal, as animals are typically always in forward motion

8. Never leave your vehicle with the intent to help the animal safely cross the road

If you do have the unfortunate experience of a collision with an animal, pull over safely, call 911 and then call your insurance broker.

For more information, or if you are uncertain if you are currently covered for damages resulting from an animal impact; call or visit us today.