Young calf standing in a barn

6 reasons to get your farm or agribusiness insurance from Stewart Morrison Insurance

Owning a farm or agribusiness is rewarding and fulfilling, but it comes with an array of potential challenges and pitfalls. So having the right insurance coverage in place to protect you, your family and your livelihood is essential. At Stewart Morrison Insurance, we understand what’s at stake, and we work to make sure your farm or agribusiness is protected today and for generations to come.

1. We Understand Farming and Agribusiness

Many of our brokers and staff grew up on or around family farms, and some are farmers to this day. We understand how farms and agribusinesses operate, and we know what’s at stake if you don’t have the right coverage in place. Our personal knowledge and decades of service to many farmers and agribusinesses across the region means you’re getting a brokerage that truly understands your needs and is committed to making sure your insurance protects you and your operations.

2. We Prioritize Personal Service

Insurance is complex and individual, so we firmly believe it needs the human touch you just can’t get online. We’ll gladly meet with you in person or be there on the other end of the phone when you have questions, are looking to update your policy or need to make a claim. We prioritize person-to-person client service because it’s what’s best for our clients and because they want it. At the end of the day, our commitment is to be there when you need us, always.

3. We Get to Know Your Farm and Agribusiness Operations

No two farms or agribusinesses are the same, so we take the time to come to you and get to know your operations and then build a tailored policy that makes the most of your hard-earned premium dollars. A site visit can reveal a lot about your insurance needs, and it gives us an opportunity to discuss any recent changes that may not be properly insured. Don’t worry — we know your workday looks very different from ours, so we’re happy to meet when you have time to talk.

4. We Take Annual Policy Updates Seriously

A lot can change in a year, so we take the time to ensure our clients’ policies are updated routinely and properly. At renewal time, we ask the right questions about any changes in your business — such as new livestock, an increase in the total value of goods on site or system updates that could reduce your premiums — so we can make sure you will continue to be properly insured and your premium dollars are spent wisely. We also make sure our clients know when to reach out to us with updates, so they’re never caught in the tough spot of being inadequately covered.

5. We’re Sticklers About Correct Valuation

While it’s rare, if disaster strikes and you lose a barn, storefront or machinery, it’s essential that your insurance covers you for the full cost to rebuild or replace. It’s devastating when we hear about farmers who can’t afford to rebuild a barn after a fire, for example, because the valuation on their insurance hasn’t been properly updated over time. Our farm and agribusiness insurance experts stay up to date on rebuilding and replacement costs for various types and sizes of farm and agribusiness buildings, equipment and machinery. We make sure the correct valuations are in your policy from day one and that they’re updated yearly, so you can be confident you’ll have the funds needed to rebuild or replace major equipment if needed.

6. We Know the Farm and Agribusiness Coverages You Need

Farms and agribusinesses have wide-ranging and unique coverage needs spanning livestock, produce, buildings, commercial vehicles and liabilities. Our farm and agribusiness insurance experts know what kinds of financial liabilities you could face without the right coverage — such as farm liability that protects you if livestock injure someone, or pollution liability that can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more) in the event of an accidental chemical or oil spill. We’re also well-versed in limits to accident and sickness coverage (which pays wages of a hired hand if you’re ill or injured and can’t work), so we’ll discuss it with you in depth before making any recommendations. 

Farm and agribusiness owners can face devastating situations in the blink of an eye. At Stewart Morrison Insurance, we make sure our clients have the right coverage in place to get back on their feet and come back stronger than ever.