Home Insurance for Ontario

It is impossible to predict the future. However, you can protect your future by investing in right insurance coverage with the right insurance company.

Just moments after a storm blew in one Tuesday in July 2015, a young family's home was blown off the foundation. After the three long years it took the family to acquire the home of their dreams, they were left in utter devastation. The young couple had just moved in all of their furniture when the blue faded from the sky. As the dark clouds came gloomily closer, the family rushed next door to their neighbour's home.

The following week in a different location, a young woman's car left the road and struck a tree. Parts from her automobile were sent flying into a nearby house. In addition to damaged windows, contents of the home were also damaged.

Only four days later, a storm ripped a huge tree from the ground by the roots and blocked the road. Around the corner, a front lawn was peeled back like carpet taking a tree with it, which hit the house. The tree landed on the home right where children were sleeping. Fortunately, no one was injured in the storm.

The next Tuesday, lightning triggered a massive house fire, leaving one family's home destroyed. While the family was not home, fire spread throughout their unoccupied home quickly. Nearly everything the family owned was lost in the fire.

While these are all stories of devastation and disaster, they all have happy endings. The families in these events had the foresight to protect their homes with quality Ontario homeowners insurance.

What Is Covered By Homeowners Insurance?

Generally speaking, insurance will provide you with coverage against the risk of potential loss from instances of theft, burglary, fire, storm damage and personal liability. In addition, for those with specific risks, such as sewer backup,  flood, and high value property including items like jewellery and fine arts, optional coverage may be purchased.

The liability coverage included in your home owners insurance will protect you against claims from a third party that sustains injury on your property. It will also protect you against claims that you are responsible for the loss or damage of someone else's property. In some cases, your home insurance can even protect you against injuries that you cause to a person away from your property in certain circumstances.

It is important to note that your homeowners insurance policy will not provide liability coverage against claims of intentional damage or acts of violence. You will be covered if your child throws his baseball through the neighbour's windshield, your dog bites the postman, a salesman slips on your frozen sidewalk or a dinner guest is hospitalized with food poisoning.

If a liability claim is filed against you, your insurance will pay for medical bills, lawsuits, property repairs and funeral expenses. When considering the amount of liability coverage to include in your home owners insurance policy, be sure to go over your deductibles and limits with your broker. Make certain that you understand the risks that apply to you in order to determine that you will have the right amount of coverage to protect you in a variety of situations.

Why Choose Stewart Morrison Insurance?

Your home is your greatest asset and for many people, it contains your most prized possessions. Stewart Morrison Insurance offers comprehensive Ontario home insurance packages with a personal evaluation to meet your needs, with award winning service to back it up. This includes coverage for your home, your belongings, and detached buildings on your property as well as personal liability.

While home insurance may not be required by law, it may be required by lenders if you mortgage your home. In addition, you do not want your family to be left unprotected if your home is lost or damaged in a disaster. Take action now to make certain you will have everything you need to recover quickly.

We are home specialists and we will provide you with a thorough evaluation of your home to make recommendations for the right coverage. We ensure that you are properly protected in the event of a claim. Fill out the free quote form now before disaster strikes your home and it is too late. Get your risk-free insurance quote today to protect your home and your family for the future.