Lindsay Condo Insurance

As a condominium owner, you may have benefits but you are also exposed to unique risks. Condo owners in Ontario require special coverage to ensure that there is no gap between the condo corporation policy and their individual insurance policy. This protection ensures that you are fully covered in the event of misfortune leading to damaged or missing property

Although your condominium corporation has a master insurance policy that protects commonly owned property and the basic walls and doors of your unit, it will not respond for any loss or damage to your personal property or protect your investment in upgrades you have made to your unit.

The comprehensive Lindsay Condominium Insurance packages offered by Stewart Morrison Insurance are designed to provide coverage essential for condo owners, tailored to meet your needs.

What's covered?

  • Your personal property - replace stolen, damaged or missing property
  • Your Unit Improvements - upgrades or improvements made to your condo unit
  • Your Personal Liability - protection against a claim for injury or damage to property of others
  • Loss Assessment - to respond to damage to Common Areas of your building
  • Contingent Coverage - additional protection for your unit in event the master policy does not cover the loss

With a Lindsay Condo Insurance policy in place you will have coverage for replacement of your home entertainment system after a burglary, restoration of your upgraded kitchen cabinets that have sustained fire damage or compensate a visitor that has been injured in your home.

Our policies are affordable and provide you with the ability to enjoy your condo living worry-free.

Here are two reasons to act now!

  1. It is important for your protection to have your Condominium Insurance in place before a claim happens
  2. We can provide you with a no risk quote today. Just fill out this short form to get an inexpensive policy that will protect you and your home.