Boat Insurance in Lindsay

If your favorite ways to pass the time include cruising around in your powerboat, sailing, fishing or yachting, it is important to make certain that you have adequate insurance to cover you, your passengers, your equipment, your watercraft and protect you against possible liability claims as well.

In July of 2013, one boater made the bad decision to operate his vessel while under the influence of alcohol. As a result, he crashed his speeding boat into another boat, killing the operator and injuring two small children who were passengers. The drunk boater fled the scene. It took two days to recover the man's body and the children endured physical pain and suffering, mental anguish and disfigurement.

In August of 2015, a boat that carried five teenagers crashed into a bridge during a late night outing. One of the teens was killed and the others were injured. The teens did not know the owner of the boat and did not have permission to operate it.

Also that month, a boat caught fire and exploded, which injured the operator. The man suffered burns to his face, arms and abdomen. The boat was heavily damaged and could not be salvaged.

What Is Covered By Boating Insurance?

Like many other types of insurance, the exact type and amount of boat insurance that you require will vary depending on a number of different factors. Insurance for a smaller boat is going to be much different from that for a yacht. However, for most vessels on the water, there are a few basic types of coverage that every policy should include, such as:

  • Bodily Injury Liability - Coverage for expenses incurred due to the injury of a third party
  • Property Damage Liability - Coverage for expenses associated with damage to property that belongs to a third party
  • Physical Damage Insurance - Coverage for damage to property that you own, which includes both your boat as well as the trailer that you use to pull it

In addition to the aforementioned cover options, there are also a number of other popular types of boating insurance coverage that you may want to consider adding to your policy to make certain that you and your property are fully protected. Such coverage includes:

  • Property insurance for your boating equipment, such as anchors, life preserves, tools and other equipment that you use on your boat
  • Fishing equipment insurance for your tackle, nets, rods, reels and lures
  • Towing coverage for anytime your boat is disabled and in need of service
  • Medical payments for any hospital bills or funeral expenses either for you or your passengers in the event of accident, injury or death
  • Underinsured/Uninsured Boaters Insurance to provide coverage in the event that you are involved in an accident with another boater on the water that does not have enough insurance to pay for the damages that they cause to you and your boat

The amount of your benefits and reimbursement limits in case you ever have to file a claim will need to be set when you purchase your insurance policy. Be sure to take the time to talk with your broker and make sure you have sufficient coverage for your specific risks.

Choosing the Right Broker

Activities on the water are a wonderful way for people to come together. However, injuries, accidents and even fatalities do happen all the time. The risk is even higher when boating is combined with the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

To get the best coverage to protect you and your financial investment, you need to work with a boating insurance broker that you can trust. At Stewart Morrison Insurance, we understand the risks and regulations associated with owning a boat in Lindsay. We can help make certain that you have complete coverage each time you head out into open waters.

We offer comprehensive boat coverage. Some program features include:

  • Liability coverage up to $2 million
  • Guaranteed replacement or agreed value coverage
  • Emergency expense coverage
  • Discounts for dry dock coverage, claims free, power squadron or other recognized boater training
  • No distance limits for tailoring your boat
  • Expanded navigation limits, including out-of-country

Whether you have a cabin on the lake and spend weekends towing your kids on tubes and water skies or have a party boat that you like to load with guests, food and fun, you deserve the peace of mind to enjoy it all.

At Stewart Morrison Insurance., it is all about you. We will help you navigate your boat insurance coverage options to ensure that you have the protection that you need in the event of a claim. Complete the risk free quote form today to connect with a broker that can help you obtain the coverage you need.