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It's Your Choice

Some insurance providers claim service, but you can't meet with them personally or at your convenience. When they offer you coverage, they do it without considering your entire insurance record or portfolio. They may not evaluate your property in a thorough manner, or suggest coverage options. They may even induce you with a promise of the lowest price. As a result, you may not even know what you are really paying for, or not receiving. If you are forced to make a claim, their offer or your settlement may be less than what you expect or need to cover your loss. We are different, really different.

The Stewart Morrison Insurance Service "Standard of Care"

The experience we have and the knowledge we share with you, is our own. We can sit down with you to discuss your needs, risks and options. We don't look only at your past claims or credit history, we consider other important factors. Our objectives are to ensure that your property is thoroughly evaluated, that recommendations for coverage are explained to you, and that pricing is fair. If something unforeseen happens and you are forced to make a claim, you can be properly safeguarded against loss. We will ensure that you are treated fairly and that you receive the settlement you deserve. You can always expect us to represent your best interests. Our service is local, personal, and professional. You are always welcome to call, or to meet with us when you require insurance advice.

A Better Choice

Before you renew your current insurance policy, consider what our family can mean to yours. Count on Stewart Morrison Insurance Brokers Ltd. for insurance you can trust, pricing that's fair, and service that's second to none. We value your business, because you're not simply another customer to us, you're our client, in our community. We put your needs first. That's why we invite you to trust us here at Stewart Morrison Insurance.