About Us

About Stewart Morrison Insurance

Stewart Morrison Insurance has been serving people in the Kawarthas since it was established in 1971 by Stewart Morrison. Its first office located in Sunderland, Stewart Morrison Insurance has matured into a leading regional insurance services provider. Over the years the company has evolved from being primarily a supplier of insurance for local farmers and families, to a regional supplier of insurance for municipalities, not-for-profits, and businesses as well. Now with six offices located in communities within Durham Region, Peterborough County, and the City of Kawartha Lakes the company is poised for continued growth. The company's recent introduction of new products and its foray into the Peterborough market is a sign of their confidence in the marketplace and their own capacity to service an ever expanding clientele.

Looking Back

Stewart Morrison was a lifetime resident of the Kawarthas. He was born in Brock Township and spent his early married years as a successful farm operator in Mariposa Township.

After many successful years with the CIAG, Stewart was determined to provide his clients with a wider range of products, services and independent advice. In October, 1971, he purchased a small Agency in Sunderland. Two years later the Halifax, General Accident, Reliance, and Economical Insurance companies encouraged Stewart to purchase an agency in Woodville, that needed his level of expertise. The added product diversity and service capacity was good for Stewart's clients. His business continued to grow when his daughter Marlene joined him in 1976, followed by his son-in-law Ken Nicholls in 1980 and his Granddaughter, Emily Avery-Graves in 2009.

Looking Forward

After nearly 50 years of operation the company has evolved in several ways, including its staffing, its use of technology, and its product offering. Staff have a broad range of professional accreditations. Their supplier base is significant and their volumes allow the company to offer some specialty insurance services that are not available from other brokerages. The brokerage is continually examining its products to ensure they suit rural and urban markets in Central Ontario.

A primary goal of the company moving forward is to meet people where they are at. The company's management team believe it is reasonable for their customers to expect assistance when they need it and to be confident in their pricing. They know it is important to provide customers with adequate coverage to safeguard in the event of a claim, while not over insuring a client and unnecessarily driving customer's insurance costs upward.