The liability insurance coverage basics.

How do I decide on what to protect with my liability needs?

When considering your liability insurance needs, it is important to understand the types of coverage that are available.

There are a variety of liability coverages that are designed to make sure you are protected no matter the situation. If you think you are open to risk, whether at work, home or at play, call us and let us review your situation and offer our professional advise - we are here for you, after all.

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Yoursurance: What you should protect for your liability needs

Personal Liability

Coverage for you and your family for anything you could be held personally liable for. Additionally, this coverage protects any you against any damages you may cause to your rental; such as leaving the tap running and accidentally causing water damage.

Commercial Liability

Coverage to protect your business against claims made by others for bodily injury and property damage, products, services and advertising that arise from your business operations.

Professional Liability

Coverage to protect yourself against claims related to your delivery of professional services, and/or advice.

Farm Liability

Farm liability insurance protects your farm operation and personal liability on and off your property. It provides coverage for anything you are legally liable for from your farm operation such as equipment travelling on the road or livestock being hit on the roadway. We can insure off-premises liability such as horse pull, hay-rides and sleigh-rides, farmers market & retail sale of products.

Pollution/Environmental Liability

Ontario has strict legislation for pollution liability. You can be responsible for environmental damage such as a chemical or oil spill into a water system or manure run off. Cost of cleanup, damages and courts costs can be significant and can be included when needed.

Products Liability

Coverage for incorrect, poor or faulty products that you manufacture, handle, sell or distribute.

Cyber Risk Liability

Designed to help in recovery of software containing customer data, and lawsuits associated with breach of third party information.

Tenants Legal Liability

Coverage for Tenants liability exposure regarding loss or damage to the property they rent.

Employers Liability

Coverage for an employer if an employee becomes ill or is injured as a direct result of their employment.

Non-Owned Auto Liability

Coverage for you and your employee drivers for liability should an accident occur during business use.

Liquor Liability

A specific coverage you need due to the exposure you face selling and serving alcoholic beverages to your guests.

Employee Benefits Liability

Liability of an employer for an error or omission in the administration of an employee benefit program, such as failure to advise employees of benefit programs.

Directors & Officers Liability

Coverage for Directors that may be held liable for business operations such as financial losses, wrongful dismissal, employee discrimination or failure to act under a statute such as maintaining correct records.

Abuse Liability

Coverage for non-profits, charities and religious organizations that provides liability protection if abuse happens within programming or operational happenings of the organization.

Automobile Liability

Provides coverage and protection when you are responsible for causing bodily injuring or property damage to another person or property.

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