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Your business may be very successful but in today's litigious society are you prepared to cover the costs and stress arising from a liability lawsuit?

What's yoursurance for your errors & omissions?

Depending on what you choose to protect, we can assign you a dedicated broker to best find the perfect insurance coverage and experience.

The errors & omissions insurance overview.

You can protect your business from lawyer and court costs and any liability judgment with an errors and omissions insurance policy.

Mistakes happen--especially when you can't personally be at every job. You don't want your business health to rely on never making a mistake.

The stress of litigation against you can distract you from driving the growth of your business. With errors and omissions insurance in Ontario, you can relax, knowing that your court costs and potential liabilities are covered.

For all of the coverage it provides, e&o insurance is one of the least expensive forms of insurance you can get.

You may think that you are covered from these risks by your general liability insurance policy but it typically does not cover contract performance, errors or disputes. You need specific errors and omissions insurance to be protected.

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