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Reduce Your Insurance Premiums

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You can take steps to either reduce your insurance premiums by taking advantage of discounts or by purchasing protection in the event of a claim. While these opportunities may not apply to everyone, be sure discounts and safeguards are applied where applicable. Don’t renew your insurance policy without reviewing the contents or asking about discounts and special coverages that may apply to you.

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Protect your home from water damage

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Protect Your Home Against Water Damage Checklist

Common types of water damage include roof leaks from heavy rains or ice damming, basement flooding from sump pump failure or sewer backup, burst pipes due to freezing or aging systems, and water leaks from appliances.

Although experiencing water damage loss to your property is not completely avoidable, there are preventative measures that you as a property owner can take to decrease your risk. The following are some things to consider that you can do inside and outside your home to lower the your risk.

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