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Cyber Security Awarness Month

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Cyber Security and Identity Theft

October has been dedicated as Cyber Security Awareness Month as Canadians lost $40 Million to online scams in 2016, alone. As instances of identity theft and other online security violations continues to become more prevalent, it is important to identify the risks.

Common risks online criminals use to fraud their way through your money and your identity:

  1. Entering your credit card information online in a non-secure website. Look for sites that begin with https - the "s" is what you are specifically looking for, and stands for secure.
  2. Careful clicking/opening any links sent to you via email. If you are at all concerned about the sender, call the company/bank and ask for validation.
  3. Never enter in your banking information in a link sent to you via email; even if it looks like it is from your bank, or online shopping service your subscribe to (eg. PayPal). Your bank and PayPal will always direct you to their secure website for any personal information.
  4. Keep your credit card, bank card and social security number protected at all times. If they are ever misplaced or stolen, call your bank and authorities immediately.
  5. Never give out your three-digit security code over the phone, even if the caller identifies themselves as working for a bank. The bank already has your code and would never call you for it.
  6. Always be careful what you share on social media. Your birthday, gender and address are a great start to stealing your identity. Make sure your privacy settings are set to protect you, or choose not to share this information at all.

Even with taking these precautions, cyber crime can happen to anyone. If you are interested in protecting yourself, Stewart Morrison Insurance offers policies to protect both your finances and your identity. Call us and lets talk about your insurance.



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