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5 ways to put your health first after trauma

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Have you been in an accident?

We are sorry you have had to go through the trauma of being in an auto collision.

It is a terrifying and trying time for both your body and mind. An accident can place your life on hold while you deal with all that comes with it. Stewart Morrison Insurance can take a huge brunt of this stress from your shoulders and advocate on your behalf to your insurance company. This way you can focus on what is most important: healing.

Dr. Jacquelyn Nicholls is a local Chiropractor who frequently treats injuries from car accidents.

Here are her 5 ways to put your health first after trauma:

  1. If you think you have a fracture, dislocation or concussion, report to your local emergency room (ER) immediately. Don't wait, and get it documented.
  2. Rest; an accident is a traumatic event to your body and mind. Often the pain of an accident doesn't present itself until a few days after. Resting is a great way heal even if you are not experiencing immediate pain.
  3. Ice any areas of pain; 10 minutes on and 10 minutes off for one hour each day.  Make sure you put a towel or cloth between you and the ice to avoid irritation to your skin.
  4. Drink plenty of water; our bodies are made up of 70% water and when we are dehydrated pain from muscles and joints can be amplified. Remaining hydrated can decrease your overall pain experience.
  5. Call your local chiropractor to be assessed for any injuries you are experiencing pain from. Chiropractic works by helping to restore your own ability to be healthy. It can open doors for better sensory perception, less pain, a clear mind, and better mobility. Often, treatments can be covered under your auto insurance policy.

If you are dealing with old injuries, old or new, Dr. Jacquelyn can help you heal.  Remember, there is no reason to live with pain.



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